fx: Legion where?house


Client: FX Network

Agency: Industria Creative

January 2017

FX Networks and Industria Creative teamed with Villain to create the Legion Where?house for FX to mark the global launch of the highly anticipated TV series Legion, based on the Marvel Comics title.   

Villain hosted three nights of evening press events, where leading tastemakers and press contacts experienced the Legion Where?house. 

Inspired by the unpredictable world of Legion, the Villain space was purposefully transformed to evoke the environment in which the primary character, David Haller, exists.  Featuring ‘exploding’ rooms suspended in air, the event challenged guests notions of time, space and motion. 

Villain services included bar service, security and custom fabrication.

Villain worked to install and fabricate custom elements for the event and to transform the Villain event space into a destination featuring art inspired by the show by leading artists, including Michael Murphy, Kumi, Clemens Behr, and Daniel Flores.

Villain also conceptualized and produced the Grassy Knoll, a fully immersive, multimedia inspired viewing area.  This area featured a photo moment, a DJ booth for the launch event, and a fully realized conceptual environment based on the landscape of the show.