uniqlo: heattech launch 


Client: Uniqlo

Agency: BMF Media

November 19th, 2016

Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line of sleek, innovative apparel protects against the coldest winter weather. These technological advances in fabric and design served as inspiration for the launch of Uniqlo's newest Japanese collection.

Villain was hired to elegantly display the relationship between hot and cold with a fully immersive event experience. Guests were treated to a Questlove DJ set, Asian-themed cocktails and hot sake served from solid ice bars, an opportunity to view the collection.

Villain also constructed custom rope and wood clothing displays, uniquely presenting the line in a dynamic and vibrant way.

Services Provided: Sound, lighting, decor, fabrication, bar and mixology. 

Review the Case Study

What’s the average temperature of a human hand?

Uniqlo presented us with a unique challenge.  Create an indelible connection to Heattech technology with our custom event fabrications.  For the main entryway step & repeat, we create a wall using thermochromic paint.   

The paint applies as a solid color over an object.  When heat is applied, the paint pigment disappears from sight, revealing the surface underneath. 

Our fabricators worked directly with the paint manufacturer to work through the specific technical challenges of the product.  

-Best process for mixing the dried pigment powder into a deliverable paint element?   Latex on latex

-Correct fabrication materials to ensure the necessary thermic qualities required by the product. Try metal.  It conducts heat better than MDF or plastic.

-Print techniques necessary for the resulting image reveal to be consistent with Uniqlo brand standards.  Use non-reactive ink

-Heat hands!  Thermochromic paint activates at 86 degrees.   The human hand’s average temperature?  80 degrees.   We added a heating element to the wall to ensure the slightest touch would reveal the image beneath.

All was done with 3 days prep and planning.